There are many different characters in the game. Here is a look at a list of some:

Single player – player who plays by himself and is not associated with any house or union.

Banker – the dealer or anyone who sells chips in a casino . Also, any participant in a game that handles the money.

Low dealer – card cheat that specializes in dealing with the cover fund.

Bindle-stiff – a rube. An inexperienced player.

Boxman – In craps, the employee of the casino who oversees the game.

Insect – a player or inveterate who is bitten by the game bug.

Mechanic of the card – actuator, an expert in the handling of the cards.

Bettor Chalk – To horse bettor who always bets on the favorite.

Check copper – someone who steals chips from the gambling table when the croupier is not watching.

The chilled man – the member of a crooked ring game or confidence crowd that is hanging around then and calming down the mark, hopefully making sure he will not go to the police.

Counter – in blackjack, someone who keeps tabs on each game card, usually as part of a total system.

Cowboy – tall, wild bettor. An unpredictable player who throws his money around and makes extravagant bets.

Croupier – casino employee who operates the games, pays and collects in bets, and deals from time to time.

Dead-head – someone who is not playing, usually because he has lost all his money.

The dice detective – employee of the casino job that is to take the dice that have fallen to the floor.

Mechanic of the dice – actuator, one skilled in the use of dice.

Dizzy-izzy – a player of the systems.

Easy pigeon – a piglet.

The oldest hand – the player to the left of the dealer.

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